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Photographing for my FMP



I haven't blogged in a while and though I do a post to show what I've been up to. I have been trying to get my final major project done.

I have done a few shoots above is a glimpse of two of them. The top is a shoot I did in Bexley. It was a really fun day and I got lots of good photos. I worked with Model Shell and Make up Artist Mavra. They were both great which added to the shoot.

The second is a shoot I did just a few days ago. It was lovely to have the sun out but it was so windy that it didn't make it warm. I worked with Model Jessica and Make up Artist Mavra. I really appreciated them be on location when it was so windy and cold.

The shoots were a great opportunity to use my new film camera. I realised I'm slowly starting to get a bit of a collection of cameras. The shoot were so much fun and its on days like these that I realise why I enjoy it so much. Sometimes on my course at uni I forget and feel like I've lost myself a bit. As I feel like I'm constantly doing what the tutors want and worrying about whether or not I've got the things they're looking for on the different projects instead of doing it just for me. I hope to share photographs soon but I'm thinking of submitting them to magazines.


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