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“...with fairy grace. will we sing, and bless this place.”

© charlotte jade photography

I haven't posted in a while I've been really busy doing my Final Major Project at uni and all my time has been consumed by it.

I did have a small break for my birthday the other week but other than that I've overwhelmed with all the work I had do get done. I had planned to be really organised but, when organising shoots I've come to realise even when everything is organised and everyones confirmed it doesn't mean the shoot will go ahead. This used to really stress me out but I come to learn that maybe its not meant to be. I know I needed to get them done but I knew that it obviously meant I wasn't meant to work with the people that cancelled. 
These are just a few images from one of the four shoot I did. To see more from this shoot you can see them at

I will eventually show you the other shoots but I'm sending them off for submission.
All my shoots were inspired by fairy tales and fairy tale characters.
This shoot was inspired by fairies. I was a bit disappointed no flowers were out at the time of the shoot but I really like the photographs.

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