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I've not posted in a while and this is why. I've be so caught up in sorting out things for my graduation. Along with looking for jobs and just taking time out to work out what I want to do in life.
Yesterday was the second of two amazing days in London. More to follow on that but for now it's all about my graduating. The three years of university hasn't been the easiest for me it was your conventional university experience and I feel like I've had more downs then ups but I came through it all and I passed. There wasn't any doubt in my mind about whether to go to graduation or not. To me it was important that I took the time to celebrate something I'd achieved. I don't usually make a big deal or celebrate things I do but Ian reminded me that sometimes it's ok to think of myself and do something for myself. We arrived at graduation and immediately got fitted for my gown and picked up my tickets. I got more and more nervous and Ian got me to relax. We waited for his mum and mum,dad, nan and grandad to turn up but before my family turned up I was called to go in to find my seat. It all rushed by so quick and I was out and then went off to have a meal.
These are some photos from my day I hope you like them. The first across the stage.

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