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Monday Musings

This a belated for yesterday.

The lovely weather is finally here and it's beautiful. Yes at points it's been a bit unbearable but I'd rather enjoy it whilst its here before its raining again.

It's also got me thinking about this time last year and how things have changed. Everything is always changing in life but I mean specifically I've changed as a person.

This time last year if it were hot I'd still be wearing leggings and jeans whereas now I dress differently. I've always lacked self confidence. There's times when I gain a little for a small amount of time then it goes again. I don't know what it is that's changed exactly. Although I do think that I've stopped caring so much what everyone thinks. I get anxious and worry a lot about everything but I think it got to the point where I thought I just want to be happy with myself.

My family can be a bit negative and can sometimes be rude and say funny comments which is why I think I don't have much confidence there's other things but I think that's where it started. I've slowly realised that its my life and that I can do what i like. It's got nothing to do with anyone else. My family are lovely but are very opinionated which can sometimes be overwhelming. That's when I find myself giving in on agreeing with them. Only I know what makes me happy and I have to remember otherwise ill never be happy.


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