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I'm feeling sexy and free Like glitter's raining on me

Top/ Hat/ Shoes - both Topshop/ Shorts - H&M
Today was a home day tidying and such. I also caught up on a few of my shows. This is the top my mum got me yesterday when we went shopping. I love the versatility of it I can wear it lots of different ways dressing it up or making it casual.
Domino - Jessie J

Wish List Wednesday - Kimono's

So last weeks wish list wednesday was about high waisted bikini's and I said I'd wear one with a beautiful Kimono. I've been looking for a Kimono for a while and thought I'd do a wish list of them.
I finally got a high waisted bikini yesterday thanks to my mum who bought it for me as a gift. It's the red Topshop one that was featured on last weeks wish list. I want a Kimono that'll go with my bikini but that I can wear all year round and pair with a variety of different outfits.

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes There beneath the blue suburban skies

Dress/ Cardigan - both Topshop/ Shoes - Vans

Today I decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and wear this dress. I teamed it with my new Toms I got from eBay. I also took my red cardigan in case it got a little cold.

I met up with my mum in town as she goes away tomorrow. I saw the lovely red high waisted bikini that I out in my wish list Wednesday and couldn't resist trying it on. It looked so really beautiful on the fit was great. My mum got it for as a little present along with a beautiful daisy print camisole. I found a really nice trilby in the sale and got that with the what I had left on a gift and. So I had a lovely day. Now to have a lovely evening with Ian.

Penny Lane - The Beatles


Will I find a believer Another one who believes

T-Shirt - Gibson/ Skirt - Topshop/ Shoes Vans

Today was a long day. The morning was spent running errands I then picked Ian up from work and we went to visit my nan and grandad. My younger cousin Jaime was down so we thought we go see them. As Jaime is more like a little sister to me. The weather today as been on and off and I thought this outfit was perfect whether or not it was warm.
There will be more photos of the time at my nans as Ian and I did a lot of things with Jaime.
All My Life - Foo Fighters

Take me to the place I love Take me all the way

Playsuit - Topshop (eBay)/ Shoes - Converse
I won the playsuit from eBay and it came through at the weekend I thought it was perfect for today's nice weather. I wore converse as I went for a walk along the river and they are super comfy for walking.
You can see a few photographs I took on my walk below.
Under the Bridge - The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Monday Musings - At a Crossroads

I'm having a hard time at the moment trying to decide what I want to do. I'm at a crossroads in life in general going from university into the 'real world' by that I mean into a job. As I mentioned before I want to become a teaching assistant and I feel like I'm making real progress. I've got a lunchtime supervisor job that starts in September which means I'm going to get experience working with children. Which is great as I've only been out of university since the end of May and its something that I want to do.
Now I know the little amount of hours means not much money but I thought it was really good. I barely got a chance to truly enjoy it before I was made to wonder, am I being selfish?
Should I do a full-time job that I don't want to do just for the money or do I continue to do a job that I want to do and that means for a while longer it'll be a little tight with money. I've always been told to follow my dreams but I'm also very logical. I'm very lucky that my boyfriend Ian is so supportive and wants me to achieve my dream.
It's just a few people believe I should do whatever and get all the money possible and then eventually get to where I want to. It's just what I want to do wouldn't work. Which means I'd have to give up my dream. I find myself wondering what I should do and what's the right choice.
Now I know I shouldn't let anyone tell me what to do and I'm not. It's just that it has made me think about my choices. It's also made me wonder whether I'm being fair. I know that if I did a job doing whatever just for money that I'd get used to it and then I'd just settle but I wouldn't be happy. I think it would then make me a littl resentful.
It's not like I'm doing the job because I think great it's a job and I hardly have to do any hours. I would love more hours but unfortunately the job only has a few hours a week. It also doesn't mean I'm not going to work hard because I will as I hope to work towards being a teaching assistant. Which means this time next year I will hopefully be in a full time teaching assistant position. Which is more hours and more money.
I think as long as I know what I'm doing is right for me and that, the people that matter support me I shouldn't worry to much. If I listened to everyone elses opinion I would never do what I wanted as everyone has different opinions. I'm still learning not to listen to everyone and I think it's something that I will always be learning g throughout my life.

Time With the Family

Yesterday Ian and I spent a few hours and my nan and grandads. There house is the family home and is filled with so many memories. As the weather was lovely we spent the majority of the time in the garden I stood trying to take pictures of the bumble bees and butterflies. It took a while to get some good photographs and it was very breezy. The bottom of my nans garden is a proper country cottage style garden. My nan recently got a new addition to the family this cute cat which, she got from a sanctuary. The cat was already named legend so they stuck with it.

We then spent the rest of the time having tea and cake and looking through old family photographs. Before going to see my mum and dad and then going to dinner with them.


Come closer and see, See into the trees

Top - H&M/ Jeans - Topshop/ Shoes - Vans/ Bracelet - Links of London/ Rings - Pandora

This post is belated for yesterday. Ian and I went to my nan and grandads and then to my mum and dads.
I decided to go for something casual as Its always busy at my nans. I Gotham to take the photographs today as I feel I get more when he takes them instead of me standing in front of the camera on a tripod and doing timed photographs. 

A Forest - The Cure

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