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I'm worse at what I do best And for this gift I feel blessed Our little group has always been And always will until the end

A couple of weeks ago I did a Grunge themed shoot. I have been wanting to do in for a a few years now. You may wonder why its taken me so long to do it. Well every time I organised someone cancelled or something went wrong and I couldn't do it. Also whilst trying to fit it in with university work it became a bit of a nightmare. I decided to just give it some time knowing I'd finally get to do it when it was the right time.
I took the photographs and styled the shoot. Whilst the models did there own make up. The shoot was excellent and I had real fun. Which is what I wanted, I wanted to do it just for fun. Both the models Hannah and Hayley where great and brought a lot of energy to the shoot. These are three images from the shoot to see more look on my website at

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

I, I can't deny the way you caught my eye And then something strawberry filled up the sky

Top/ Jumper/ Leggings - all Topshop/ Shoes - Vans

This is what I wore yesterday. It was a super chill out day. Ian and I packed for our holiday and saw his brother and little Macie and then we went for dinner at his mum's.

Strawberry Bubblegum - Justin Timberlake

I run away with my imagination And I am blinded by your light

Jacket - Topshop (eBay)/ Shirt - eBay/ Jeans - Topshop/ Shoes - Vans

This is yesterdays outfit post. I managed to do the photos whilst the sun was shining which was great. It was a family filled day as Thursday was my younger cousin Jaime's 10th Birthday. So the family went for dinner and to see her. I thought this outfit was smart yet causal which was perfect for the type of day I was having.
I have been a bit absent this week due to a mixture of work, being and ill and sorting things out for my holiday. I go on Tuesday but I am scheduling a few posts for whilst I'm away.

Taking Pictures of You - The Kooks

Mine is yours and yours is mine There is no divide

Cardigan/ Top/ Trousers - All Topshop/ Shoes - Vans

Todays priority was to keep warm as I'm really starting to feel the chill in the air and I don't really want to catch a cold yet.
This outfit is a little dark so I choose the shoes to add a little bit more colour.

In Your Honour - Foo Fighters

Wish List Wednesday

Not necessarily a themed wish list wednesday but its sort of the basics. The Jeans are you basic black Jeans and I've been looking at these mom jeans for a while. Then the dress would be a great item to add to my wardrobe I've got lots of different things that I could use to create different looks with this. Who doesn't need a shirt and this print is really cute. This watch is something I've fallen in love and I really would like it.

Now look at me I’m sparkling A firework, a dancing flame

Crop Jumper - Topshop/ Stripe Top - Urban Outfitters/ Jeggings - Topshop/ Shoes - Vans/ Watch - Casio

The weathers changing which means that the summer really has ended. Its bit cold today so decided to team my jeggings and striped top with this crop jumper. Its adds a little colour and its warm and cosy. I've got work today then I've got a few errands to run so this outfit is perfect.

Part of Me - Katy Perry

Love is like the sea Leaves you on your knees

Mens Hoody - Primark/ Dress - Primark/ Jeggings - Topshop/ Shoes - Converse

Today is a totally relaxing day of Baking, reading and snuggling up on the sofa and watching films. I haven't had one of these days for ages and I am so please I get to spend it with Ian. 
I got Ian to help me take these photo's he wanted me to do some action shots so made me throw his football in the air. This was my favourite shot.

Alicia Keys - Like The Sea
I have been having a few issues with my blog and I've tried to sort it out but unfortunately I haven't been able to resolve the issue. Due to this I have decided to sort of start again. I have managed to save some of the last posts but other than that I've had to delete them.

I like to believe that things happen for a reason. I have recently started a new job, and my blog is starting to look a little different. So I like to think that it time for a change a new start in a way. Heres to knew things.

If you need me, call me, no matter where you are No matter how far, don't worry, baby

Jacket - H&M/ Star Top - Topshop/ Jeans - Topshop/ Shoes - Vans/ Hat - Topshop (eBay)

I've not done any outfit posts this week and today as the weather was a little better I thought I'd take the opportunity and get Ian to take some photos. I decided to keep the outfit casual but smart and it gave me an excuse to wear my new hat. Ian and I went to meet my Mum and Nan for a little shopping and a catch up over some Hot Chocolate. It was really nice to see them. 

Its been a bit of a busy week. I had my first proper week at work and I'm really enjoying. Ian and I also said goodbye to the iPad we decided it was time for a change and sold it and used the money to get a Samsung note. More about that in a post to follow. 

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Lyrics

Strange fascination, fascinating me Changes are taking the pace I'm going through

Jumper/ Top/ Leggings - all Topshop/ Shoes - Vans

Today was the first day I felt a little cold. It reminded me that autumnal weather is on its way. My outfit reflected that. It also made me super excited for my holiday at the begging of October. My parents have decided to treat Ian and I to a holiday. It's a belated gift for graduation.
Changes - Shrek

Monday Musings - Change

The last few months have see a lot of change for me. From finishing university and graduating to starting a new job and thinking towards the future. I left university feeling I needed a break from photography and from thinking about university. When I found out I'd passed and would be graduating I was so excited and overwhelmed. I'd worked so hard and university wasn't the best of times for me with more downs than ups. I powered through it and although I didn't get the grade I wanted I'm still happy with a 2:2 as I feel I still accomplished something. After looking for jobs and getting rejected by a number of people I was beginning to lose hope.

It did give me the time I needed to think, about what I want to be doing in the long run. It made me realise I'd love to help children and more specifically become a teaching assistant. I got one step closer to that when I got a job as a midday meals supervisor. Since I started last week I have smiled everyday and have felt super positive. Even though I have only been working their a few days I know I'm on the right path. Talking to the different women I work with has been a real help too. In a previous post I mentioned that I wasn't ready to become a teacher but since starting my job it's really got me thinking. I really like working with children and I would love to have more responsibility and help them in their education. Which has given me the realisation that I want to be a teacher. It's strange how things can change within a short space of time and how little things can make all the difference. Making you realise something you didn't know before and therefore opening up more opportunities. So I have begun research and I'm torn between training to teach Art and Design or Primary. I love the age range of primary and I feel that I would be better suited to it but I have a creative background which makes me want to do Art and Design. So there's still a few things I've got to work at.

Also after a much needed break from photography I did my first shoot on Saturday. I loved working with the two models and I got some good shots more to follow on that soon. Everything seems to be heading in the right direction. I'm going to enjoy every moment and been more open to it all. You never know what the future holds.

Topshop Zine 2013 - Part 2

This another of the editorial/ lookbook type shoots in the Zine. I love the colour palette of these looks. Again there is a retro and vintage feel to the outfits. I also love the whole feel of the shoot including the location.
I love the looks in images 2 and 6. They've got a feminine yet masculine feel to the outfits which is really cool I feel these 2 outfits are the most me outfits. Go take a look at the zine.

Foody Friday

I really love my food and I thought it would be a great addition to my blog. It will be a post that will be with a recipe, about a restaurant, cookery books/ shows and general foody bits. So to kick of off I've chosen to mention Jamie Oliver's new show.
Jamie Oliver has brought yet another show filled with womderful recipes to try. This time it's all about saving money with the title of the show being "Money Saving Meals" the shows sees him take a particular ingredient and meal and then expand it so you can get your money's worth. It also sees him give tips and tricks to saver ingredients and get the most for your money.

In the first instalment of the show Jamie takes Beef Brisket and makes a roast then uses the left over meat to make a second dish. Whilst also doing a Fish Pie and Pizza. All the dishes look amazing and I'm definitely going to have to try them. I'd really love the cook book. Overall the show is filled with usually tips and tricks and recipes. Only thing is the episodes seem really sort. I definitely recommend watching it especially if you need tips on how to make for your money.

Wish List Wednesday - Bedroom

With the help of my mum I have just finished painting mine and Ian's bedroom. We went for a variation of light blues. One more of an aqua colour and the other a little grey in tone. We did this as it became a calm and relaxing room with a masculine feel to it. It was also to make the room look bigger. The room feel light and airy now.
This bits would be a great addition to the room. The Candle holder we be a great addition on the windowsill or bed side tables and the trinket holder would be great to put my jewellery in at the end of the day.  
I wanted a big print to go on the wall our beds on to make it more of a feature and this would be great.. Ian and I want to see the world and I thought this would be great. Maybe we could mark the places with have been as we go along. 
The light adds a bit of quirkyness I love the base I think I'd prefer the shade to be a lighter colour but thats easily changed. The chest of drawers is for practicality really. I wanted to keep it light like the room and this were perfect.

Topshop Zine 2013

Topshops new Zine is out this is part 1 of 2 blogs that I will be doing on the Zine.
They have two editorial/lookbook parts in the Zine. This is the first I love the feel of it. It reminds me of The Virgin Suicides. There's an innocent, youthful and playful feel to the images amd they are really soft amd beauitful. I'm also loving the vintage/ retro feel to th clothes.

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