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Monday Musings - Change

The last few months have see a lot of change for me. From finishing university and graduating to starting a new job and thinking towards the future. I left university feeling I needed a break from photography and from thinking about university. When I found out I'd passed and would be graduating I was so excited and overwhelmed. I'd worked so hard and university wasn't the best of times for me with more downs than ups. I powered through it and although I didn't get the grade I wanted I'm still happy with a 2:2 as I feel I still accomplished something. After looking for jobs and getting rejected by a number of people I was beginning to lose hope.

It did give me the time I needed to think, about what I want to be doing in the long run. It made me realise I'd love to help children and more specifically become a teaching assistant. I got one step closer to that when I got a job as a midday meals supervisor. Since I started last week I have smiled everyday and have felt super positive. Even though I have only been working their a few days I know I'm on the right path. Talking to the different women I work with has been a real help too. In a previous post I mentioned that I wasn't ready to become a teacher but since starting my job it's really got me thinking. I really like working with children and I would love to have more responsibility and help them in their education. Which has given me the realisation that I want to be a teacher. It's strange how things can change within a short space of time and how little things can make all the difference. Making you realise something you didn't know before and therefore opening up more opportunities. So I have begun research and I'm torn between training to teach Art and Design or Primary. I love the age range of primary and I feel that I would be better suited to it but I have a creative background which makes me want to do Art and Design. So there's still a few things I've got to work at.

Also after a much needed break from photography I did my first shoot on Saturday. I loved working with the two models and I got some good shots more to follow on that soon. Everything seems to be heading in the right direction. I'm going to enjoy every moment and been more open to it all. You never know what the future holds.

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