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Wish List Wednesday - Bedroom

With the help of my mum I have just finished painting mine and Ian's bedroom. We went for a variation of light blues. One more of an aqua colour and the other a little grey in tone. We did this as it became a calm and relaxing room with a masculine feel to it. It was also to make the room look bigger. The room feel light and airy now.
This bits would be a great addition to the room. The Candle holder we be a great addition on the windowsill or bed side tables and the trinket holder would be great to put my jewellery in at the end of the day.  
I wanted a big print to go on the wall our beds on to make it more of a feature and this would be great.. Ian and I want to see the world and I thought this would be great. Maybe we could mark the places with have been as we go along. 
The light adds a bit of quirkyness I love the base I think I'd prefer the shade to be a lighter colour but thats easily changed. The chest of drawers is for practicality really. I wanted to keep it light like the room and this were perfect.

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