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Monday Musings - Healthier Us

Its funny how things in life can change and force you to make a change in life. Ian and I will be the first to admit we are not healthy eaters and we don't really do any excercise. I'm not going to go in to the details but this week hasn't been easy. We don't even know all the details ourselves. Ian was told some news at the hospital and was told the best thing we can do is to make sure he is the healthiest and fitest he can be. Which has meant a bit of a lifestyle change so it's lots of excercise including; cycling, yoga, swimming etc. and then a change in the way we eat. We've borrowed the Hairy Biker's Diet cookbook from Ian's mum and then my mums bought us their second book. So we planned out our meals for the week and went food shopping. We didn't by any chocolate, sweets or treats which was hard. I've choosen four recipes to try this week, along with a few for next week. This is so I could get more meat for our money and make multiple meals out of it. 
My "Foody Friday" posts will be featuring the recipes we use from the cookbooks. This has really given us the push we needed to make a change. We not going to go crazy and obsess to much otherwise it just won't work. We'd both like to lose some weight but the main aim is to feel fitter and healthier. 
For me it is also about feeling good inside and out. I worry a lot and find it hard to relax so I'm hoping this will help. Especially the yoga. It is also getting me in the kitchen more. I love cooking but never know what to cook so what more of a reason to be cooking more. The best part is Ian and I are doing it together which means we're supporting each other. It's always better when you've got someone to do it with but you've also got to want to do it for yourself. Which we are, and even better it's encouraging us to try new things. 

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