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Rhodes Food

The hotel was all inclusive and there was an array of food to choose from. Every evening was different. It was difficult to get photographs as it was so busy. However, I have managed to get some of their beautiful desserts.

We also get to have two free visits to any of the three a la carte restaurants whilst there. We choose to firstly have some traditional Greek food which, is a big deal for Ian and I as we aren't great at trying new things. However, on this holiday we have tried to try lots of different things especially as they were on offer to us.

At the Greek A la Carte restaurant we were told to pick a main and a dessert as we would be brought all their starters. When they were all laid out of the table in front of us it was a bit overwhelming as there was so much just for the two of us. They brought us a traditional salad, a beef stew with feta sprinkled of top, bread dough things with mince meat inside, a bean salad, moussaka, bread roll each with dips and a weird things that was cheese and meat.

My favourite of the starters was this beed stew with feta crumbled on top. I wouldn't have thought the feta would taste good with it but it was delicious. Our main was a little strange meatballs wrapped in bacon. They were a little disappointing as they were cooked all the way through. The dessert was a chocolate pie and ice cream.

For our second visit to an A la Carte we choose to go to the Italian A la Carte. I wouldn't say it was very italian. A small part had pizza and pasta on but the rest was things like chicken and fish and it seemed to have a greek twist.

As a pre-starter we got brought bread rolls and dips(feta and herb, garlic butter and yoghurt) and cheesy garlic bread which looked more like bruschetta. I'm not a fan of tomatoes but thought I'd try it and it confirmed to me that I really don't like tomatoes. 
For my starter I had a Rocket Salad which was lovely and light, followed by a main of Herb Crusted Salmon with rice and vegetables and finishing off with a Panna Cotta which I thought I'd try as I've never had one. I'm not really a fan but at least I gave it a go.

Overall the food was beautiful and it was lovely to have the opportunity to try lots of different things. I also give it to the Greeks for their desserts as they did some lovely desserts. Some of them were a bit sweet for me which is saying something as I have a real sweet tooth. I feel like I've eaten so much food on this holiday think I might have to start eating healthier to counteract the amount I ate.

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