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Rhodes Holiday Village

As I said in my previous post Ian and I were amazed by our room and the hotel. The hotel is split into three parts which, are the Relax, Deluxe and Activity area's. We stayed in to Relax area where it was all laid back. The activity part is where all the action happens like the entertainment, water slides and general activities and the Deluxe is for deluxe guests only but it has the same vibe as the Relax area.
This are some photographs from the hotel.

We tended to stay in the Relax area where we were located but we ventured to the activity area for the water slides and lazy river. Also we had all our meals over there. The hotel is beautiful and has something for everyone. Although it is solely aimed at families it is also aimed at couples old and young. With its adult only bar and adult only activities. There were quite a lot of children around but it didn't really bother us as you don't see them all the time as they have there own kids activities and clubs.

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