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I got back from my holiday yesterday. Ian and I went to the beautiful Rhodes, it was a belated graduation gift from my parents. From the moment we got to our hotel we were so amazed, we had seen it online and thought it looked great but its one thing to see it online and then to see it in person.

We stayed at the Rhodes Holiday Village in Kolyimba. We arrived at 11.30pm so it had been a long day for us. We were greeted with a glass of Champagne which, I don't usually drink but I though why the hell not and drank it down. We also got a little bit to eat in the form of bread rolls and salad.

These are photographs I took when we first got there.

After having a little to eat we were so exhausted and decided to call it a night. We woke up to this beautiful view which was breathe taking are really didn't expect it. We knew we had a swim up room which means we can go straight into the pool from our room but I never imaged it to look like this.

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