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Wish List Wednesday

These are a few things I've found that I really like and would love to have. 
Nails Inc nail varnish is an excellent buy as I find it always got excellent wear. It doesn't chip super which is always great. I've wanted a new watch for a while and this one is so cute if I had it I'd look down and think of my rabbit. This is dress is really great and I find dresses like this are always an excellent investment as you can dress them up or down and wear it a number of ways.
Last but not least is this perfume ever since I spelt it whilst out in the summer  I have wanted to own it. It smells exquisite and would great to add to my small collection of scents I have. 

Wish List Wednesday

These are just a few things that have caught my eye recently.  Ever since I saw this Crop Angora Jumper I've wanted it, it doesn't even bother me that it's pink. It reminds of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"  the movie it's the sort of thing I could imagine her wearing. This skirt is from Cath Kidston I love how bright it is. I got this Lush Showergel last year and it smelt like sweets. This lingerie is so beautiful and has that luxury feel  to it and it's also got a Christmas feel with its colour.  The coat is because I've just realised my proper coat has got a whole and when I saw this I thought it was a perfect replacement have to save a bit before I can get it. If you didn't already realise from ready my blog I love Pandora rings.  This one is so amazing and kits my favourite shape so even more reason I'd like it. 

We are poppies In fairest splendor

Coat - H&M/ Cardigan/ Top/ Treggings - all Topshop/ Boots - Primark/ Scarf - a present/ Hat - H&M

This is a belated outfit post from yesterday. As it was remembrance day I felt this top was very appropriate. I love the vibrancy of the poppies and I felt instead of wearing a poppy pin I would be covered in them. At the school I work at the kids loved it. 
As it was cold I felt it called for my big winter coat a hat and scarf.

Poppies - The Wizard of Oz

Monday Musings - So its Christmas

So its that time of year again. I have to start thinking about christmas and as much as I've tried to put it off I keep being reminded of it. What with the supermarket's creating their Christmas aisles and Christmas shops and displays starting to appear as if by magic.
 It's not that I don't like christmas it's just that this year I don't have the money to buy any gifts.
I know christmas isn't all about the gifts and that it's about coming together as a family but I like to buy my family gifts. They've done a lot for me and I just want to show how grateful and thankful I am by getting them something they'll love.
Last year Ian and I didn't have that much money either so we bought small gifts and then baked but no one seemed grateful.
I want to now when everything became about expense and when the saying 'it's the thought that counts' got disregarded.
To me if someone's taken the time to carefully consider what to buy/make then that's what matters. I really don't know when that stopped and when people became so greedy and stopped caring about what truly matters.
Which is the people you love.
Ian and I are going to bake again this year, giving everyone a small box of goodies. Hopefully this year they'll be more grateful and understand it's all we can afford.
This is partly why I've been putting off thinking about Christmas. It's just becoming too stressful and it's making Ian and I truly think about what we want to do for Christmas.
My parents are going away so we won't be spending it with them but we are going to have a pre-Christmas dinner them. I don't really feel like spending it with the rest of my family as they can be quite materialistic and I'd like to stay away from that this year. So we're thinking of going with Ian's mum and Step dad from Christmas eve - Boxing day or just two of those days to where they are staying for Christmas but it's all dependent on Ian's work.  Until we know what he's working we don't know what's happening at Christmas.
I know some people might think it's to early to think about these things but more people from our families keep asking what we're doing like it's this massive decision. All I know is I want to spend it with Ian so wherever he is that's where I'll be. 

'Cause when the loving starts, and the lights go down, And there's not another living soul around,

Jumper/ Shirt/ Treggings - all Topshop/ Boots - Primark

I decided as the weather was okay I would take my photographs outside. I got this new shirt this week and I absolutely love the print and the colours. These boots were a great buy a few winters ago. I can't usually buy Primark shoes as they never fit me and i'm the biggest size they do. These are great and I love the tiny crocheted bit.

Say You Love Me - Fleetwood Mac

Wish List Wednesday

7. Boots

I know it's getting closer to Christmas which I don't really want to think about right Now. No I'm not a bah humbug just not ready to think about. I've started being asked what I want and it's got me thinking.  These are a few of the things I'd quite like at the moment. I don't usually like things from Tesco but I love this cardigan and clutch. I've wanted a pair of boots and a shirt like this for ages and they'll go with lots of different things. I've always wanted a skirt like this and I was never sure it would suit me I'd like it as a treat for losing weight I've not lost loads but hoping too lose more. 

'Cause, baby, you're a firework Come on, show 'em what you're worth

Denim Jacket/ Cardigan/ Top/ Leggings - all Topshop/ Shoes - Vans

This is an outfit post for last night. Ian's dad always does a Firework party and everyone goes round with their contribution. I put this outfit together as I felt it was perfect for the sort of party we were going to. I wore these thick leggings that have a leather look panel done the side with this girl top. Then teamed it with a black cardigan and my go to Jacket.
The lighting isn't so great in my house but I got to work out somewhere I can take my outfit post now the weather is changing.

Firework - Katy Perry

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