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2013 Review

This year has been an interesting year and as cliche as it may sound it has been an up and down year.
Janruary saw my cousin Darryl (who's more like my sister) turn 18 celebrating having a tea party. Ian and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary by relaxing and enjoying a meal. Which is just what I need as I'd been dealing with chest pains due to stress and anxiety which was mainly caused by it being my final year at Uni.

 February then brought Ian's brothers 30th birthday and I went to London Fashion Weekend with Darryl. It also saw the birth of Kyia our step-neice who was born early but healthy.

In March the majority of my time was spent on my Final Major project Planning, Organising and Taking Photographs. This didn't always go to plan and my chest pains started coming back more as I was getting anxious. I'm not really good at dealing with it and the doctors said to try some of their techniques but they didn't work for me.

I turned 23 in April and I kept it really relaxed spending it with Ian and my Parents as I still had so much work to do for uni.

May saw Ian turn 27 and Ian and his mum took me on the Ferry to France which was a first for me. Izzy the rabbit was welcomed into our family. I Finished and handed in my Final Major Project which was four images and a zine which I created. A the end of the month my year had an exhibition at University.

In June our niece Macie was born. Ian and I stayed in London and I graduated from University which is a big deal in itself but for me it truly was an accomplishment as I hadn't really enjoyed my time at university.

Not even a Month later in July and I got a job which started in September leaving me to enjoy the summer.

August was filled with mini adventures, bike riding, sunbathing and spending times with our families.  We also had my younger cousin Jaime to stay and she seemed to really enjoy herself which was good. 

Starting my new job in September gave me a really new lease for life as I forgot what it was like to actually enjoy what I do. It also gave me an insight in to what I want to do in my career. I did my first photo shoot since leaving university which was a grunge themed shoot. Finally finishing off the month seeing my younger cousin Jaime reach double digits. I seriously can't believe she is 10 its gone round so quick and it makes me feel so old.

October started of with my Ian and I going to Rhodes. A belated graduation gift from my parents. We had an amazing time and it is truly what Ian needed as he was finding work so stressful. I started volunteering too which confirmed that I enjoy working with chidden.We then got some bad news. Ian's Kidney was only working at 36% with this news Ian and I were flawed as we didn't expect for it to be that bad. The doctor said it could've been like that for a while but he couldn't tell as Ian hadn't been to the doctors in 13 years. Its only because I made him go that this all came about. We got told he needed a lifestyle change which meant eating healthy and doing exercise. With getting this news and work stressing Ian out it all go to much and was signed off with Stress and Anxiety.

November was fireworks Ian and I also got a few earlier Christmas presents a Tassimo machine from his mum and a Mixer from my nan. We were also properly into our lifestyle change. The school I was volunteering at offered me a teaching assistant position which I took.

In the first week of December I said goodbye to my old job and all the children and started at my new job which I love. Christmas Eve Ian and I went back to the hospital to get a update on Ian's kidney and we got great news its maintained the same and providing we stick with out lifestyle change it should stay that way. Christmas was amazing spending with our families. It was made even more amazing when Ian asked me to marry him and I of course said yes. 
This year hasn't always been filled with exciting things but for me it has mostly been a fantastic year. I look forward to 2014 and I hope it is an amazing year.

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