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I don't want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need

This Christmas has been a strange one. 
After years of talking about it my parents decided it was finally the year they'd go away at christmas. So they set off on their holiday on Boxing Day. Before they did we spent Christmas Eve with which was lovely.
Christmas Day Ian and I got up and relaxed whilst opening our presents. I got lots of lovely things. Afterwards we got ready and I was sorting things out and I asked Ian if his mum had text to say we could come round and he said I don't know check I did and when I turned round Ian was on one Knee and he asked me if I'd marry him. I smiled so big and said YES!!!
I was so shocked and excited I couldn't wait to tell people My mum was the first person I rang. We saw all of Ian's family his mum was really happy and excited but we didn't really get the same response from the rest of his family.
It's the first year we were at his Dad's and we don't usually go there as we always feel unwelcome and awkward.
Boxing Day was spent with my family at my aunts. My nan and granddad were caught in the flood but managed to make it out for Boxing Day. It was lovely to get to see them all.
Its been an amazing Christmas and although Ian and I didn't quite get the response we had hoped for we are incredibly happy and look forward to when we get married. Its not going to a quick engagement we aiming to get married in 2016. Thats if funds are sufficient as we'd like to get married abroad. So heres to the future for us.

All I Want for Christmas is You

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