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Monday Musings

There's times in life when you may feel disappointed or that things aren't going your way. I had quite a few of these in my life and I'm sure everyone's had one in their life. It's hard not to give up but you have to stay positive otherwise you'll be consumed with negativity. I'm a firm believer things happen for a reason and I like to think that the down points are there to help us learn and grow as well as to enjoy and appreciate the good points in life more. 
A few months ago I was feeling like that.  Feeling I'd worked so hard yet nothing seemed to be working out. I'm very lucky that I'm not someone who gives up easy I'm also extremely lucky that I have such an amazing boyfriend that supports me and keeps me positive. So thank you Ian. 
Recently it has felt like things are finally starting to go the right way. I got a great offer last week which I said yes to. 
I work as a midday meals supervisor at a primary school and I knew if I wanted to be a teacher I needed to get as much experience in schools as possible. Which lead me to contacting schools about volunteering finally I got a response from a school close to my home. The school is great and the pupils and teachers are lovely. I've only been there for just over a month and they've offered me a job. I have handed in my resignation to my midday meals supervisor job ready to start my new job as a teaching assistant on Wednesday. I'm really going to miss the children but I'm going to get to meet and help some new children. 
I can't wait to start. 

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