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“...mermaids have no tears, and therefore they suffer more.”

This is the third of my four shoots for my final major project. It was inspired by mermaids taking some inspiration from the little mermaid.

These are just a few images you can see more on my website.

Now she was free to be herself

A while ago I should you some photographs from my final major project. Which was from a flower fairy inspired shoot. I did four shoots in total. This is my Swan Maiden inspired shoot.
This was a shoot where she started off not knowing who she was until she finally turned in to the swan. You can see the complete set on my website.

Element Eden Spring 2913

I came across the element eden lookbook and they are so beautiful. I had to share them with you.
I love the look they've given the lookbook and how they've added illustration to it give it a dreamy feel and makes me think of festivals.
Element describe it as, "The Element Eden Spring 2013 Collection is inspired by the vintage tropical prints, reminiscent of sunny days and free-spirited adventure. Palm fronds and hibiscus petal patterning fashioned into balloon pants, high-waisted shorts and fabric cut-out designs give a vintage classic youthful style. Bright hues of lime, coral and ocean keep the mood vibrant, while silky fabrications bring in a delicate nature of femininity."
It was photographed by Amber B Dianda and then Juliana Neufeld illustrated the images.

Monday Musings

This a belated for yesterday.

The lovely weather is finally here and it's beautiful. Yes at points it's been a bit unbearable but I'd rather enjoy it whilst its here before its raining again.

It's also got me thinking about this time last year and how things have changed. Everything is always changing in life but I mean specifically I've changed as a person.

This time last year if it were hot I'd still be wearing leggings and jeans whereas now I dress differently. I've always lacked self confidence. There's times when I gain a little for a small amount of time then it goes again. I don't know what it is that's changed exactly. Although I do think that I've stopped caring so much what everyone thinks. I get anxious and worry a lot about everything but I think it got to the point where I thought I just want to be happy with myself.

My family can be a bit negative and can sometimes be rude and say funny comments which is why I think I don't have much confidence there's other things but I think that's where it started. I've slowly realised that its my life and that I can do what i like. It's got nothing to do with anyone else. My family are lovely but are very opinionated which can sometimes be overwhelming. That's when I find myself giving in on agreeing with them. Only I know what makes me happy and I have to remember otherwise ill never be happy.


Monday Musings -

I realised the majority of blog is mainly just photographs which, in great considering I've been studying photography. It's just that I feel I need to add some writing as I do enjoy it. I thought it would be fun to do a post called "Monday Musings" where I would write about anything or everything. So this is the first one.

So I've left uni and I'm looking for a job.

Whilst at university and I looked for a part time job but, I never seemed to have any luck so I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Especially the way the economy is at the moment. I remember before I started my degree everyone was saying things like, "You'll get a job easier if you have a degree," and "Degree's mean everything, employers love it" I can clearly tell you that whilst a degree may be one aspect of it, it's not everything. The majority of jobs I look at say that they want some sort of qualifications but they also want you to have lots of experience within that field. Whilst this is understandable it also make it more difficult. Its that age old thing of if someone won't give you the chance how are you supossed to get the experience. Looking for jobs isn't easy and at times it can really get me down. As I feel that I should be able to get a job. I'm not even getting any of the retail jobs even though I have lots of experience. I know I have to stay strong and be positive. It's just at times thats really hard when no one will give me the opportunity.

I may have a BA Photography degree but, I'm currently looking to do anything really. I'm steering clear of anything photography related at the moment as I need a break from it. I enjoy photography and its makes me feel great but, I've been doing it none stop for three years. I need to explore it and fall in love with it again. It's actually giving me time to think about what I might like to do as job or career. I know I still want to do something creative. I really enjoy doing the blog and would love to do something like that along with social media for a company.

I also never would've thought I'd want to work with children but recently the more I think about it the more I like the idea. I'm not ready to be a teacher but I think I'd like to be a teaching assistant which means I need to do a short course and gain experience through volunteering. I have recently been researching into volunteering projects in my area and I have found a few things. I've applied for them but, I just have to wait and see. Which means I'm a step closer to doing what I want.

My main reason for wanting to do this is because I want to give something back. Its also because throughout my many years of education I've not had the best time. From being bullied by classmates to having teachers that aren't supportive and that are judgemental, leaving you not wanting to go to school. Not all teachers are like that, I've had a few nice ones too. Its just that as a teacher I feel you should encourage kids and try to inspire them otherwise whats the point. I know some people will say its just some kids don't want to learn which I guess is true in some respects but, learning should be fun and inspiring as I believe that will get them interested. I know it probabley sounds like I should be a teacher and I'm sure if I become a teaching assistant then I'll probably progress to that eventually. For now though I'm happy on focusing on becoming a teaching assistant as I feel that is the best choice for me right.



“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”

Darryl and Jaime


Darkly and Ian
Ian took this last photo of me, Darryl and Jaime

This post is a little delayed but I wanted to share it with you. The other week Ian and I went to see my Aunt and Uncle and two cousins. My aunt was out and my uncle was busy so we took the girls to hall place for a short while. I used to go to Hall Place when I was small with my nan before we moved. It such a beautiful place with a man house which you have to pay for and the gardens which are free. We only went for a walk around the gardens. We went into the greenhouse first then walked around the gardens. It's been a while since I saw my cousins so it was really nice to spend time with them especially as I treat them more like sisters. Jaime ran through a dip in the grass but as she ran through it she realised it was filled with water so got her feet soaked and had to take her shoes and socks off. She wasn't happy so we got her an ice cream to finish the afternoon of right.


Quote - The Secret Garden


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