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What I'm Hoping to Achieve

As I've mentioned before I've not been posting very much recently and I intend to change that. I've taken the time to get back into the routine of things but also so I could think about what I really want to do on my blog. 
I started it as I wanted a place where I could write about things I like and do and to do share my interests and views on things. I still want my main focus to be a mixture of those things but I want it to be more open and free. I guess this is what I hope to achieve with my blog for 2014. Last year I wanted to take outfit posts as a way to build up my confidence. I feel I achieved this as I started taking a few a month, slowly progressing as the year went on and I feel a lot better in my own skin now. 
I feel I can really achieve what I want on my blog this year. I know this seems a bit late to be talking of what I want to achieve or resolutions but I've decided that instead of thinking of them like that. It's more of a case of changing my habits and Lifestyle.
I've already said what I want to achieve with my blog but aside from that I want to change my lifestyle and eating habits. No I'm talking about dieting or joining a gym. I just want to focus on my wellbeing. By that I mean I want to feel good in myself. I want to get out on my bike, do more swimming and yoga. These are all things I really enjoy but never make the time to do and thats all going to change. Along with this I also want to change the way I eat. I not going go cold turkey or anything as I'll allow myself to have a treat now and again just not all the time. I want to try more things and spend more time in the kitchen trying out recipes. I've always had a sweet tooth tending to always go for something sugary as do many others, but I want that to change. It's a bad habit I've had for as long as I can remember and it's one I intend to break. 
These are all achievable things especially as they are things I intend to carry on with and not just something for a few months or a year. 
I hope all your hopes and dreams for 2014 happen. 

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