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Valentines Gift Guide - For Him

After doing the Valentines Gift Guide "For Her" I thought it was only fair I did one "For Him." These are just some ideas. 
Full Grooming Visit
Men like to paper themselves too. Why not send them on a Grooming Visit let them relax and feel good. This Hugo Boss smells great if your other half doesn't like Hugo Boss get him one of us favourite aftershaves. This Rituals Gift Set it great with all the key items in. This Trimmer is great giving you the Luton of what length you want. 

Heart Socks
Heart Pants
Engraved Bracelet
PJ Shorts
I know the women want to look there best so why not get your man something to wear. This shirt is a great colour for the holiday if he's not big on being so obvious why not get him sticks or pants. Men love a good watch and this Michael Kors one is a stunner. These bracelets are great idea especially as you can personalise them with a date like the day you first met.

Pick 'n' Mix Sweets
Record Player
Samsung S4
iPhone 5s
The Class of 92
Looking for something else well this a mix of things. The DVDs are a great pick but if your man doesn't support Manchester United The Class of 92 is a no go.
The record player is more for a music enthusiast. The phones are the top at the moment are great as a gadget buy.

These are just some ideas you could also send your man out on an experience day, such as racing cars. There's so many options out there and you don't have to spend lots of money. I hope this has helped you to find something for you man. 


  1. My BF would love the record player and the Pick n Mix, what a lovely selection!

    1. I thought it was a nice mix to suit different types of guys. Glad you liked it.


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