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Engagement Gift Guide

Now I know this may seem a little odd, but after being asked what Ian and I would like as an engagement gift it got me thinking. 
Ian and I decided we wanted to celebrate our engagement with our close family. We decided what better way then to have a meal, we haven't got much money so everyone will be paying for themselves. It hadn't crossed our minds about gifts, until we started being asked. We didn't and still don't expect presents but we keep being asked. We want a few bits for the home so we've said that if they really want to give us a gift a contribution to that would be great. 
Ian and I really weren't aware that engagement presents are a thing and I wondered if anyone else did either. 
I thought putting this gift guide together would be a helpful guide to engagement gifts and to give some ideas. 

For The Couple

For the couple why not get them something themed. These pillowcases are a cool idea and if your creative I'm sure you could make your own, along with this frame of the couples story they are really fun ideas and you can make it personal by making it yourself. 
I've put an Ikea Giftcard as we'd like things for our home but it could be a Giftcard for anything. I thought this book of weekends in Europe was really cool idea especially for the couple who likes to travel. 
These Vow journals are beautiful and would be a fantastic gift for couples who will write their own vows.  Lastly these notes of wishes for the Bride and Groom are so cute and it means you could get them out make your own and you could get people to write bits down. 

The Bride To Be

Vintage Wedding Book
Fortune-Telling Book for Brides
Wedding Planner
Amore Ring Dish
 Mini Emergency Kit

If your just looking to get something for the Bride to Be these are a few little ideas. To give the Bride some inspiration you could give a book filled with images of weddings she can put any other inspiration in a scrapbook. What with all the planning she'll be doing what better gift than a wedding planner. This dish is beautiful too and a great place to but your rings or other jewellery.
This emergency Kit is an excellent find and more suited for the wedding day.

I wanted to do a bit for the groom to be but I've not really been able to find anything. I know it's seen as it's the Bride to Be's time, but for me it's equally.

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