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Engagement Meal Decorating

So Ian and I have our engagement meal coming up. We don't have a lot of money to put into it so we've had to get creative on how to decorate at the meal and table. We wanted to keep it simple and personal. We decided not to use confetti on the table as we felt it would be better not to.

I found these vases which I felt would be really cute going down the table. We had four of them and put some red carnations in them. Its a really simple idea, but its really effective and looked really good on the day.

I used some heart bunting I already had as I felt it reflected the meal and what it was for.
I then printed these images from polargram, where you can take images from Instagram and print them. I thought this was a great way to put a personal touch by dotting images on Ian and I on the bunting. With a few of our family. I loved it and people were interested to see the photo's

We got his simple banner to mark the engagement and it'll be a keepsake from the day. That I shall put in my memory box along with a few other bits from the day.

I got these parcel tags and wrote everyones names on them, making sure everyone was mixed up and also to make sure certain people didn't sit next to one another. Who knew you had to think of things like this.

The final touch were these balloons, which mine and Ian's got us. This finished it off perfectly as we had one lot at each end. I'm really pleased with what we did and we got lots of compliments on what we did.

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