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I got engaged at Christmas as you might already know if you've been following my blog. A truly exciting time for me and my now fiancĂ©. We were one of those couples that said we didn't want marriage and we truly meant it. We both had our reasons why. For me it was two things in particular that made me feel this way. One my parents didn't get married until I was 16 so I didn't see it as a big deal. 
Two after being married for many years my nan told me that you don't stay in love with each other forever and that you end up just being friends.  They are still married now and I can see very much that my grandad loves her but I'm never sure of my nans feelings.  
The thought of marriage really frightened me as to me you should only marry for love and it is a one time thing. I worried that if I ever did I would end up like my nan and I would never want to be in a loveless marriage.  Along with this I wondered what would be expected of me and I worried about other things too. I know these are crazy things to worry which is why I decided marriage wasn't for me. 
When I met Ian I felt less afraid and a little Fearless about life. Things that had worried and concerned me no longer did. That's not to say I don't worry anymore just I worry about different things.
The thought of marriage didn't frighten me anymore and I started to warm to the idea. I remember when I first told Ian I thought maybe one day I might be open to it and he was honest and said he wasn't sure but that he wanted to spend his life with me. That was good enough me for. Few years ago we both started talking about it more and more and we realised we'd done a complete 180. We now knew we wanted it. Things change when you find the one. 
When Ian proposed I was over the moon. He later told me he was meant to wait till our anniversary in January but he said he couldn't wait anymore and knew it was the right time to ask. 
We had a mixed reaction from our families some said nothing a few were so excited for us and then some said they were happy but didn't seem it. This left us feeling a bit disheartened as it wasn't a surprise. Yes we had said it wasn't for us but we have mentioned to our families that we changed our minds and one day we would get married. We have been together for 4 years so it's not like we've rushed into anything and we don't plan to get married until 2016 so we don't understand what the worry is about. 
We're incredibly happy and can't wait to get married we just need to save first. 
With this we've decided that as long as we're happy that's all that matters and people don't want to join in then they don't have to. 
It's our life and we are looking forward to the future. 

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