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Hull vs Southhampton

Last week after work Ian, his mum and I ventured to Hull, which is very far for us. We couldn't stay up there due to work commitments. I have to admit I'm not a massive football fan and I'm not going to lie and say I know a great deal about it. There is however, nothing like being in the atmosphere. I do occasionally watch football with Ian as he really enjoys it and if a game has lots happening it keeps me interested, but other than that I tend to tune out. Since going to see my first football game with Ian, which was an England game at Wembley I have to say theres nothing like it. All the people together watching the game creates such an atmosphere its unlike anything I have experienced.
Well other then when I went to the Paralympics.

The game was a little slow and Hull didn't win, but it was worth watching. Hull had one of their  players go off after 4 minutes due to an injury, which was a shame for him. It gave player Geroge Boyd the chance to play. I can't wait to see my next game.

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