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Out To Lunch

I went out today with my mum and nan they're were looking to get themselves something to wear. I helped my mum pick some good bits out. She always says I have an eye for things, which I guess is good.
Whilst out in Maidstone we went for Lunch at this really cute cafe called "Frédéric. I've walked past in a number of times and have never gone in. I'm so glad we did. It is a french themed cafe/bistro and it has such a great atmosphere. The food is rich and tastes exquisite. I had a Procuttio and Brie Tartine  with a side of fries. I've never had brie before and thought I'd try it I'm so glad I did. The tartine is like nothing I've ever had before the food was so indulgent and I will be going back. Both my mum and nan had the Smoked Salmon Tartine, which looked equally as good. Next time I will try one of their delicious looking cakes, as I was too full to have one this time.
If you go to Maidstone and your looking for a little piece of heaven I recommend you go in.

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