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Tattify - Temporary Tattoos

 Ian and I have been thinking about getting a tattoo. Unsure how it might look I thought I'd go on the hunt for some temporary tattoos. 
I came across this shop on etsy called Tattify filled with lots of different designs you can even get custom made ones. 
I have been looking at tattoo inspiration for a while and I knew I wanted something for my wrist that had a saying that meant something to me sort of acting as a motto. I really love this infinity design it's really me and I love the saying. 
Ian wants to get four stars on his forearm each for someone who has meant something to him that has sadly now passed away. When I saw these stars I thought they'd be great as they could help him work out sizing. 
The tattoos are great and really give you an idea of what it might be like. 
I would definitely recommend them to anyone else who wants to try out ideas or just wants them for a bit of fun. 

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