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Valentines Gift Guide - For Her

Don't know what to get your loved one for valentines. I've compiled a gift guide this is part 1 of 2 as part 2 of 2 will be "For Him. " 

Have someone who is a keen baker then these are a few ideas of what you could get them varying in price. The cookbooks are so cute and definitely worth  getting. Kitchen Aids mixer is more of an extravagant purchase it's amazing and you can pick from a variety of colours. 

Heart Rings
Make a Wish Necklace
Lolita Bracelet
Olivia Burton
Heart Charm
Valentines Gift Set
For the Jewelry fanatic Pandora have some great bits to pick from. These rings and charm I so exquisite and act as a little momento for the holiday. These little necklaces are really cute there's a variety of one's to choose from but this unicorn one was so unique. Who doesn't love a watch especially one as beautiful as this. This set is from Ladybirdlikes it'd so unique and there's only a limited amount so get them before they're gone.

Lush Bloom Lingerie
Shoe of Hearts Heels
Lips Clutch
Heart Print Shirt
Love Heart Smock
Natural Embroidered Heart Toms
For the Fashionista I've found bits that have that valentines feel. You can't forget lingerie always a good pick as what girl doesn't live some sexy new lingerie. These red heels are fun and flirty perfect for any women. The lip clutch is a given if you want to splurge put on your lady. You can get different colours but as it's valentines red is the colour. The red shirt is great and it even has the celebrity appeal with quite being spotted in it. This dress is from vintage style me and it's so beautiful and is a great buy. For shoes with  a more casual vibe these Toms are perfect.

Ayurveda Gift Set
Lots of Love Gift Set
Red Lipstick
After Sex Nail Polish
Prince Charming Shower Gel
Miss Doir Perfume
What girl doesn't want to pamper themselves. These are some great ideas from small items to gift sets. These two gift sets are excellent and are both winning presents. The other items are simply but will also go down a treat if you want to spend less you could even mix a match if you wanted.

I hope this has been helpful and keep your eyes peeled for part 2 "For Him" 

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