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Watches - The Watch Gallery

I've wanted a Chanel watch for as long as I can remember. I've been working on getting fit and healthy and I'm a great lover of watches so when I came across The Watch Gallery I couldn't believe my luck. A website dedicated to luxury sports watches. The watches are outstanding and exquisite ranging for a couple of hundred to thousands of pounds a little out of my price range but a girl can dream.
I like this Chanel watch in particular as it would fit within my life whatever I do adding that extra bit of style and luxury to my outfits. As it's a sports watch I can even use it when I'm working out. I like to do a range of different sports activities and this watch is so multifunctional that I could use it for everything. 
The dials on the watch mean I could time myself whilst out at the gym, going for a swim or when I'm out running. With the superluminova hands and indicators I wouldn't have to worry about when I go for a run as they're designed to improve visibility in the dark.
This watch also had the added bonus of being 200m water resistant, meaning I wouldn't even have to take it off going swimming. The style is so clean and simple, yet elegant and stylish. It's the little details that make this watch with the dials and the little diamonds this is truly a stunner and a conversation piece. 
This watch is an all round treasure. With its functionality and the overall look of the watch I don't really think you could go wrong. It's an investment and priced at £5,950 I guess you could say it's quite a big investment, but if you have the money why not especially when it's a watch like this. 

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