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Grimm - a great take on fairytales. Following Nick (a grimm) who can see the true creatures, helping those that are good and getting justice for those who aren't. With the help of his girlfriend and friends.  It's currently on season 3 and I just can't get enough. It's definitely worth a watch as it gives a darker take on fairytale. 

Stella - I wasn't interested when it first started but when Ian and I found ourselves with nothing else to watch we thought we'd give it a go. We are definitely glad we did as we've now watched the whole of series 1. Its about Stella, her family and the added addition of the people who live in their town. Filled with laughs, it never fails to get me laughing. 

My Kitchen Rules -  At the moment I've been watching various cooking/baking shows, but this one is a little different and brings a fresh take on a cooking show. In teams two each team takes it in turns to cook for the judges and the other teams. They are currently taking it in turns to host a pop up restaurant and it's filled with great bits. It's like "Come Dine with Me"  meets "Master Chef" 
Proper cooking with the bitchy comments and marking. 

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