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Wish List Wednesday

I love baking and I realised there's lots of bits I want to add to my bakeware collection. I love cute mini desserts which is why I picked a mini Muffin and madeleines tray. This red Cake Tin from ikea is so cute and has hearts in the mould. I couldn't resist the Cath Kidston for shaker love the colour. The measuring cups are so cute with their vintage feel. 


  1. I love baking but I need so many more pots and pans for my collection. I didn't even know brownie tins existed! If just been cutting up large tray bakes badly!
    I had a bad experience with a flour shaker where the lid fell off straight into my recipe and all over the kitchen. I now use my hands to sprinkle flour. Although with my clumsiness I'm not sure if this is safer haha.
    Would love to see the things you bake
    Kate xx

    1. I didn't know they existed either until l came across them but I thought they were cool. There are other bits I need but for these are what I want the most. I've never used a flour shaker before but I thought they were supposed to be good I be sure to be careful if I get one.
      Charlotte x


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