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Billy and Me Book Review

Now before I talk about this book I must say that I do love reading, however  I don't tend to read a lot. As I find it hard to find a book that interests me and that I can really get into. So I'm always a little dubious when I get a new book. 
Ian got me this as a little present and I have to say it's an amazing book. 
I started ready it at 1pm on Monday and by 2pm Tuesday I had Finished. I just could not put it down. 
I found myself feeling I was a part of it like I was in the book. Without giving to much away Billy and Me is about a girl named Sophie who lives in a small village in Kent. She forced to come outside her comfort zone as she meets Billy who is an actor and who's life is in the spotlight. The story follows their relationship and how Sophie grows as a person. Dealing with everyday life in the spotlight. 
It's a really good read and although the subject may not be relatable bits of Sophie and Sophie and Billy's relationship are. I found myself relating to bits, which is what made me feel a part of the book. I loved the love story and how it was about Sophie. You could argue that there wasn't any overly romantic parts, but there are a few. The story for me was more about Sophie and how a person adapts and grows. 
I would definitely recommend this book. 
I can't wait for Giovanna's next book. 

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