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Engagement Meal

This is a photo heavy post, but I wanted to share some images from Ian and I's engagement meal. On  Sunday we went with our family to Ask Italian in Faversham. We've never really been to Faversham before but we thought we'd try it as it was easy for everyone to get to. We picked Ask Italian as my Nonna (great gran) came from Italy and also because most people like Italian so it meant there was something for everyone.

 My parents, Ian and I and my Nan and Grandad

 Mum and Nan

Ian, Ian's Dad and I 

Darryl, Jaime and I 

 Paul and Mel

Ian and Macie

Darryl and I

 Ian, Ian's mum and I

It was really great having our families together and it made for an interesting day. Ian and I really enjoyed ourselves, but felt really tired by the end of the day.

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