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Fitness and Health Update

As I've previously mentioned before part of my thing for 2014 is that I wanted to change bad habits. Habits such as eating terribly and not doing exercise. I didn't want it to be a resolution thing where I say I want to lose loads of weight and go on a diet.
Yes I'd like to lose some weight, but thats not my main focus. For me it's all about my well being and changing my lifestyle and habits. As it will then become my life and lifestyle.
I was off to a really good start at the end of 2013, but I allowed myself to have a break over christmas. Which to some extent was a bad idea, but I didn't want to miss out on all the things I love.
Since then I have had some good and some bad weeks. In the last few weeks I've found myself in a bit of a rut and I'm trying to be more conscious of my decisions when it comes to food and exercise. I  recently got an app called run keeper, which is excellent. It has a selection of exercises you can select from, you then click go and it will time and calculate the amount of calories burned until you say stop.
I find it really useful when biking and walking. After having run into a small issue with my bike being broken I'm having to look at different ways to exercise. 
I want to start running, but I've never really been fantastic at it. I find myself getting out of breath so quick and my body seems to hurt all over almost straight away. I've always been a bit like this even in school I struggled. If there are any tips you could give me that would be great.

As for my eating habits I've started to slip into bad habits of having sweets or chocolate here and there. Which I don't mind as I don't want to cut it out completely it's just that I don't want to go back to square one. I've been trying new foods and have been eating healthy in terms of my main meals. I was also one of these people that doesn't eat breakfast, but that's all changed and I feel a lot better for it.
Since October I've lost about 9lbs, which is great and I'm really proud I just feel that I'm letting myself down when I'm having a bad week.
Through my up and down weeks it has been difficult, but it helps to stay motivated and want to do it. Through this it has got me wondering if anyone else has been struggling with things like this.
Have any of you found changing habits hard? Or have you got any tips to to help? I'd love to hear from you on your thoughts.


  1. Changing habits can be so hard! I've also gotten into an awful habit of buying a twix or creme egg when I have lunch in Uni which is only 2 days a week but its so hard to stop! Good luck with your goals hope it all goes well for you!
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

  2. I have a bad of buying sweets lol. Thank you :)


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