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Nike Running Trainers

I'm looking to start running and I find the shoes I've got are really uncomfortable. I've been looking online and if you have the wrong pair of shoes it can hinder you when running. I hadn't thought of this before. I don't like my trainers to be too heavy or overly cushioned. I'm paticularly drawn to Nike's running trainers. I've tried on some and I really like them compared to other brands I've tried. 
I really like the sportsshoes website as it has a variety of trainers and brands. These are my top 4 Nike running trainer picks. 

I really like the idea of the Nike Free 4.0 and 5.0 which gives more flexibility. As I feel that would be a great choice for me. I'm still undecided but if you have any pointers it would be really appreciated. 


  1. Nike running shoes are so pretty =! I bought my running shoes (Saucony) at Runnersworld recently, but I'm not sure yet if they are good for my feet. So I'm often browsing the Nike website too =)

  2. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job! personal trainers near me


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