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Perfumes I want To Try

I envy those people that day they've found their scent. I'm a lover of perfume and I'm started to get a bit of a collection, but at times I wish there was one scent as I class my own.
My nan has always used Chanel No. 5 and to me it id her scent. If I smell Chanel No. 5 I immediately think of my nan.
I love fresh, sweet, fruit or Floral scents and these are a few I want to try I've already got one of the Miss Dior ones and I love it so I thought it might be good to try a different one.
As for the others they are ones I've smelt or heard good things about.  Marc Jacobs perfume are all lovely I can't decide if I like the Daisy or Dot one the most.
What's your favourite scent of do you have a scent you class as your own?

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