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Primark Summer 2014

Tropical Print Top - £15
Tropical Tailored Shorts -  £12
Heart Lens Flower Sunglasses - £3
Short Chain Link Necklace - £4
Stripe Longline Bikini - £12
Mini Satchel - £6
Palm Tree Scuba Skirt - £6
Sequin Flower Slip Dress - £17

With the sun starting to show I can't wait for summer. 
Even more so with summer clothes turning up in the shops it gets me excited for the warm weather to come. Or at least hoping we get some here in the UK. Knowing I'll get to wear pretty dresses, shorts and skirts without the need for Tights or Coats is just amazing. 
So when I came across Primark's 2014 Summer Collection I couldn't resist putting together my favourites. 
I love the mix of Patel colours and Bright Colours that they have. They are all affordable and would be a great addition in the wardrobe. There's some other great bits but I didn't want to show everything. So why not take a look yourself on Instyle's Website


  1. I need those sandals! I'm a sucker for pale colours in Spring x

  2. Primark have some gorgeous things in this season love that co-ord!

    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog

    1. Yer they have lots of beautiful bits couldn't resist this Co-ord though :)

  3. i need that dress, don't know whether i'd suit it but i really really want one:) Those sunnies look pretty cool as well haha. Can't wait for summer too:) Life as a Petite x


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