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Topshop X Adidas

Bringing sport and fashion together,  Topshop and Adidas have collaborated for this capsule collection. Which has some bright and fun colours and prints, that have been inspired by London's Landscape.  It's described as the celebration of the greatness of fashion and sportswear. They wanted to keep the cool feel of sportswear and the print is what became important in giving it the edge.

Fo me I want my sportswear to have that element of fashion and fun and for me this collection is defiantly encompasses that.
These are my top five pieces from the Topshop X Adidas collection. I picked these five because they would fit into what I have already as well as fitting together on their own. I love the mix of print and colour and I'm definitely a sucker for print.

For me I feel the collection could be worn to a multitude of places and look super stylish. If you haven't already seen it I'd recommend taking a look. Why not have a look at the video that goes along with it.

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