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7 Day Hair Dare

Last week I saw a blogpost on Fox in Flats entitled "The 7 Day Hair Dare" I found it really interesting as it made me starting thinking about how do my hair.
It says that out of 150 women surveyed, 77% said they had regularly styles that they went for.

The idea is that you style your hair in a different way each day for 7 days. Also each hairstyle must be distinctively different.
I thought this would be really great as I tend to stick to your standard bun, ponytail or I mostly just keep it down and as it comes. So I thought it would get me to try some different looks. I've been collecting hairstyles of Pinterest for a little while now and now it can be my inspiration for the week. You can see my hairstyle inspiration here.

If you want to join in to you can just take a look a Fox In Flats post and you can put pictures on twitter and Instagram with the has tag FoxInFlatsHairDare

So I started the 7 Day Hair Dare  on Friday 18th April and here are my hairstyles.

Day 1

For this I did two plaits and then put my hair in plait bunches.

Day 2

For my second day I curled some bits of hair and then blowed dried it out. 

Day 3

For this day I plaited it on either side and pulled it round so I had a bit back, but most of my hair down. With a slight wave to my hair.

Day 4

I've not straightened my hair in ages so thought I'd do it for a change.

Day 5

I kept it simple with a ponytail. As I was going to Chessington on a school trip with the class I help I wanted something easy.

Day 6

I've never put my hair like this before, but I thought I'd try the milkmaid look

Day 7

I decided to plait the underneath of my hair and then put it in a bun. It isn't fantastic, but as my first go I think its okay.

So there it is my 7 days of having different hair. It has been really fun to think of a different hairstyle every day. I would recommend if you are in a hairstyle rut then do this. It'll get your creativity flowing.


  1. I love all of these hairstyles, and I am definitely one of the 77% since I have about 3 hairstyles that I do on alternating days!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. It's definitely easy to stick to what you know as that's what I tend to do, which is why I did this. I found it hard to think of 7 different hairstyles :)

  2. Great post! The milk maid really suits you, you should definitely wear it more often. I really need to try more styles but they all look so hard!

    1. Thank you I wasn't sure if would suit me, but I thought I'd give it a go :)

  3. Oo this is a really good idea, I might have to try this myself! I'm hardly ever experimental with my hair - I leave it down the majority of the time then sling it up in a ponytail if I'm just gonna be chilling around the house - so this would be quite a challenge!

    1. Yer this is why I chose to do it. I found it so easy to go to my go to hairstyles, but this was fun and it made me see what I could do why my hair :) I'd definitely recommend doing it x

  4. this is soo cool, like them all, but especially number one! your hair is so perfect! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  5. I have ONE hair style! I wear my hair the same every day :( this post is inspiring xo


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