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Losing Friends

Have you ever lost a friend or a group of friends, because I know I have. For me It's happened a few times. You just drift apart until you're no longer friends. It seems strange to think people you once classed as friends and used to share everything with are now strangers. There can be many different factors and reasons for this happening. I think for the most part is because people change and grow out because people are fed up with the sit and want to get rid of the negative parts in their lives.

For me it was a mixture of things. I'm a strong believer that things happen for a reason so I never let it bother me that much. Now I don't want to complain because I obviously had some good parts.

I had a group of friends in secondary school who were lovely and nice to me when they wanted something, but when they didn't they had a way of making me feel bad and alone. I put up with this for a long time as I didn't want to end up being that girl who had no friends. I realised that the way I felt in that group sometimes was like I didn't have friends.
I guess that's where I began to change I started to realise I wanted more and that I deserved to be treated better. I guess I always knew we'd grow apart at some point they wanted to stay in the village they grew up in and have families and didn't really think much about what they wanted to do, whereas I wanted to go to university and see the world and do lots of things.

Now I said I didn't really let it bother me that much, this is because I thought going to university I would make lots of like minded friends. When I went to university it wasn't what I expected I didn't really make any friends and I found it really hard. I stuck with university and had a few people I could talk with about university, but it never passed that. Now I've left university and I don't have any friends apart from my amazing fiancé Ian.

I've never been someone who had tonnes of friends and to be honest I'd rather have a close small group of friends. I don't regret moving on and leaving my friendships behind, but I sometimes feel a little sad that I don't have any friends. It would be lovely to have a friend to go shopping with or have a coffee with.
At the same time I want friends that are genuine and and want to be my friends.
I've learnt that not everything is easy and life can be hard, but the most important thing is to stay true to yourself.
I know I've got Ian and my family and I love them and I know that friends will come along.
Have you ever drifted apart from your friends or felt like this? 

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