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Rimmel Lipstick Review

I got this Lipstick for a Steal from Poundland. The last few times I've gone in I've been surprised at what I've been able to find. It's really worth a look because they've hand quite a few great beauty finds.
This colour is "Piccadilly Pink" I personally love the colour for everyday wear. I tend to wear natural and subtle looking make up.
Below is how it looks on.

This is Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick. It's feels different to other lipsticks when applying, but saying this it doesn't leave me with a dry feeling. It feels like it really is moisturising my lips, which is definitely what they need at the moment. I recommend this to anyone looking to have a lipstick that feels lovely on and actually moisturises the lips.
It is a beautiful subtle colour, whilst adding a little colour to your make up. 

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