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Admiring Style - Fearne Cotton

I thought it would be great to share some people who's style I admire. I thought it could be a monthly post on my blog, sharing where I get some of my inspiration from.
The first post is Fearne Cotton.

Fearne Cotton is someone who's style I really admire. There is an effortless and easy feel to her looks yet she still keeps it quirky and stylish. Which is what draws me to her style. 
Although I'm not someone to steal a person's style or imitate them I am inspired by Fearne Cotton as her easy, effortless and quirky style is something that I incorporate with me style. So it's nice to see someone else's take on it. 

These outfits are all things I could see myself wearing or that I have similar already. Although I don't have Fearne's great body I mix it up to suit me and shape.

She has some great coat's and jacket's which I still have yet find a great coat. 

Some of her looks are quite simple and dark, but she has picked out parts and gone for a great colour, which adds interest to an outfit. I also like how she incorporates print as we all know I love a print.
It's great to find inspiration I get mine from all over from different era's, magazines, bloggers and the Internet. I'm always looking to see what things I could try.

What's your favourite sorry if style? Who's style do you admire? Or who inspires you? 

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