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Chartwell - Winston Churchill's House

This is a belated post, but it's better late than never. On Wednesday it was Ian's birthday and to celebrate it we visited Chartwell a National Trust House. It was Winston Churchill's home, which you can now look around. The only thing is you don't get to go in Churchill's room, this is to due to the fact it was his late wife's wish to have it kent private and also it's so small it would be difficult to let everyone in.

The grounds were much bigger than I thought they'd be, but they are exquisite. We defiantly went at the right time of year as al the flowers are flowering.

This is Ian by one of many pond's on the grounds.

The house itself is set on the top of a hill and it is so grand. I couldn't take photograph's inside, however it meant I got to really focus on looking around. Winston's painting are scattered around the house and are very beautiful. It still has a homely feel in the rooms that have been kept as they were. One of my favourite facts was that Winston's wife stockpiled the wall paper so it could always stay true to what it was.

On leaving the house was this bench, which i couldn't resist taking a photograph of.

I love the Wisteria that was on the back of the house it look so extraordinary as it cascades down.

We walked around the garden's looking at all the different bits.

This building is where the studio is, which is where Winston did his painting.

We ended the visit with some tea and cake at the little cafe. I had Coffee and Walnut cake.

We finished the day by going to Tunbridge Wells for a bit of shopping, then popped in to see my nan and finally enjoying a lovely meal. In all it was a great day.


  1. Wow beautiful photos and what a wonderful house! I bet it was really busy at this time of year,glad you had a great time.xx

    1. we got there for when it opened so it wasn't too busy :)


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