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Met Gala 2014

I love seeing what celebrities wear to the Met Gala it's my favourite of all. I don't know why I guess it's that the Celebrities seem to be more creative with it. 
These are my favourite looks. 
Emma Stone Looks sensational in her two toned look it really compliments her. Kendall Jenner is one to keep an eye out for after being in London Fashion Week on the Catwalk. She looks amazing. Anna Kendrick looks fantastic in this monochrome look. It's simple, but classic. 
Zooey Deschanel looks great as always. Anne Hathaway looks stunning in red I love that it's cropped with the spilt. Leighton Meester has this effortless look to her, which is stunning. 
Kate Mara's dress is like no other with its earthy tones is really different to everyone else's dresses. Blake Lively always reminds me of the old Hollywood look she's a blonde a blonde bombshell with the super glam look. Reese Witherspoon looks pretty in pink in her figure hugging dress. 

All these ladies look amazing and their dresses are all exquisite. I'd love to wear or at least try one on, but one I don't think any would suit me and two I can't afford anything like that and lastly I wouldn't know wear to go in a dress like that. 
What was your favorite dress from the Met Gala? 

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