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Tesco Finds

Now I'm not one to shop at Tesco, but after seeing a few bits in my local store I thought I'd have a look online. 
As you'll know I like my prints and I found these beautifully printed pieces. This jacket is so simple yet stylish with its clean lines and fits in with the monochrome trend. This top is more to suit my creative side as I love the water colour effect even better it's in a Kimono shape. This skirt is simple yet classic, which is something I love. Finally this dress is so beautiful and fun. The print and colour are definitely eye catching and it's a piece that could be worn from day to tonight.
Another great thing is these pieces are all affordable items. 
I was really surprised by the clothes that Tesco had and I will definitely have a look next time I need to get something. If you're not one to look at Tesco clothing I'd recommend you go take a look as you may be surprised like me. You never know what you are going to find. 


  1. That aztec print dress is beautiful! I'm really pleased that supermarkets are offering lovely clothes at affordable prices.In the same place I buy food too,so it's killing two birds with one stone.xx

  2. I Love the aztec dress and polka dot skirt! Well surprised I never look in tesco x


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