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Sale Favourites

Who doesn't love a sale. Not that you need an excuse, but I believe it gives you even more reason to shop. I also get this great great feeling knowing I've found a bargain. I've been looking through the online sales and have picked some of my favorites. 


This is still a lot of money considering it's in the same, but I love the silver tone. These sorts have the interesting palm print, which I found myself drawn to and as they're denim they'll go with loads. The print if this skirt makes me think of paintings it would definitely be a stand out piece. Finally this basket had a great picnic themed feel to it and what with it being a trend you can't really go wrong. 


I've recently found a love of Zara. It's not really a shop I would have gone to before, but I've found some great pieces this year. 
I saw this dress when it was full price and I feel in love is even better that is now in the sale. This Camisole is so pretty and an easy to wear piece. This sorry is similar as it has that easy feel to it. 

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is a great place to go sale shopping as I always feel you can get a great deal. These to dresses are lovely. I particular like the floral one with its vintage feel. These to bag are exquisite as are all there bags. These to would be a great addition to my bag collection. 

So they are my favourite sale pieces I hope you like them. Have you found shine great pieces in the sale? 

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