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Showcase Cinema Bluewater

On Thursday Ian and I had a date night where we went to the cinema. I was offered two tickets to see a film of my choice with drinks and popcorn, so that I could experience the renovated Showcase cinema.  We took full advantage and went to see Inbetweeners 2, which I will be reviewing shortly.

The cinema is made up of 19 screens, which include the Studio screen and the IMAX screen. It has a range of films for you to see, whilst also offering shows and concerts too. They like many other cinema's are branching out and starting to show live concerts and theatre performances. It's a way to not only offer more to the regularly customers, but to expand their audience and get more people enjoying the Showcase experience.

When turning up I was pleasantly surprised, it has been while since I last went to the Showcase cinema and from what I remember it was a bit dark and dull. It was completely different with a open, modern and contemporary feel. I love the colours they've chosen to use as I feel it really gives it a fun element.

They have a mixture of refreshments and confectionary for you to choose from. There is something for everyone, whether you want the traditional popcorn and drink or you want something more like "Pick & Mix" or  Ben and Jerry's its there. You can't really go wrong.

All the staff where really friendly, smiley and polite, which I found really refreshing. As at my local cinema they all seem grumpy. 

The Showcase at Bluewater really has nailed the idea of relaxation and enjoyment. If you come early or want to relax before a film they have a choice of their Cafe Bar or the Lounge Bar. A place for you to enjoy sit back and relax before watching a film.

If you're looking for an even more luxurious experience at the cinema then I'd definitely recommend the Gallery. You go up to the top floor of the cinema, where you can enjoy this amazing bar and even have a cocktail if you want. Ian and I where lucky enough to get to experience it and it made us feel really special and relaxed, which I'm guessing is the idea.

In keeping with the rest of the cinema it's modern and contemporary, but it too is stylish and luxurious.
It is a great place to sit back and watch everyone going to their screens. When going to the gallery you get a few treats, which are included in the price of the gallery ticket. These are the little added extras that really do add to the experience. 

Along with getting to explore the cinema we were given the opportunity to sample the IMAX screen. I have to say it is like nothing I've ever experienced before. I've only ever been to an IMAX screen at the Science Museum, whilst on a school trip and that was a long time ago. It really blew me away and has definitely got me wanting to go back to see a film there. It's not a screen like at the BFI, but then again it's not going to be don't let that put you off though. It's really spacious and is amazing quality.

Before we knew it, it was time to see the Inbetweeners 2, so we made our way to our screen.  Where we sat back and enjoyed a film full of laughs. The seats  were really comfy and the overall experience was fantastic. I'm going to be going back. 

I would definitely reccommend this cinema to everyone. It really does have something for everyone of all ages and is not an experience to be missed. 

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