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Welcoming a New Member to the Family

Introducing Luna the newest member of our family. 

Ian and I decided a little while ago that we wanted to get a cat to add to our little family. So just over a month ago we visited the cat protection. We liked the idea of rehoming a cat and giving them a new home. We looked online and saw Luna (who was originally called Teddy) and thought we go see her. We fell in love with her straight away. 

We were told she likes things in her own terms, that she didn't really like attention and she was quite defensive. 
This didn't put her off and she seemed friendly when we met her. 
I can say very proudly that she's completely settled with us she loves attention, but when she wants and she seems really relaxed. I even get lap hugs. 

She is a true gem and really fits our family well. I definitely feel she picked us as much as we picked her. 

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