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Manchester - Part 1 Shopping

About a month ago Ian and I went to Manchester. I've only just managed to start putting these posts together, but here is the start of our Manchester trip.

When going up to Manchester I was eager to visit some vintage shops. I was really excited to visit the different shops and find some bargains. I was a little disappointed, but a few of the shops where by far my favourites.

The first was a shop called Retro Rehab it had a great vibe. It felt unquie and homely and I only wish I lived closer. I got two beautiful dresses and I probably could've bought more.

I had such fun looking through the rails and there was so many beautiful pieces. If you're in the area go take a look. It's a great place with lots of treasures.

My other favourite shop was  We Are Cow. I didn't take a photo's, but go take a look at their website. 

Another shop that caught my eye though was Pop Boutique.

The feel of the shop was welcoming, it felt more like it was reworked pieces instead original vintages pieces. There were still some nice pieces, but I couldn't find anything in my size.

Along with the vintage shops there is an array of different shops. You have the Arndale and the boutique clothing shops. It's a great place for shopping and I much prefer it to London.

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