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Monday Musings

I've been a little absent from my blog recently and their is no real reason for it. There's no excuses to be made or the possibility of stopping blogging, but sometimes things just happen.
I've had a interesting few months in terms of working out things in life. I've found myself being really busy, exhausted and filled with worry.
Now I am and always will be a worrier and I doubt that will ever stop, but I think there comes a time when you have to not let everything worry you so much. I've found myself changing my priorities and working out what I want and what is most important to me.
I don't want to find myself worrying so much that I miss all the good parts. I know the last 'Monday Musings' post I wrote was about positivity and how I believe things happen for a reason. I haven't really been trusting in that recently and I find myself being impatient. I want things to happen now and although I also believe you have to make things happen not everything is in our control. So you have to have a balance of making things happen and trusting that things will work out. 

Now I know I'm only 24, but I find myself panicking already that I've not done enough with my life or that I'm not where I should be. Ian reminds me constantly that I'm still incredibly young and that we have a lifetime to do all the things we want. Recently I've found myself thinking, but do I have a lifetime? I'm not being morbid, but we never know when our times up. I want to know that I've lived my life to the fullest with no regrets.

Thinking about all this has got me wondering about this idea that at certain ages you should have done certain things. Who decided this and why?
Everyone is different and everyone develops and does things at different ages and times in their lives.
When you are young you dream of a life where you can make all the decisions and choices and not have to live by your parents rules. It's almost a fantasy as you forget that with that comes grown up things like bills, jobs, life and responsibilities. In those moment of delusion you find yourself so excited of whats to come and so you should be, but when it comes you realise things might take longer than you think.

For instance my 14 year old self believed that by 20 I would be a cool, independent, confident and trendy person living in New York. I believe thats where everything happened and that it was the place to be no matter what. I've never been to New York and it's still a dream of mine to go. I also thought I'd have enough money to be travelling round the world and go on never ending shopping sprees.
I don't know why I thought this would all happen by the time I was 20. I clearly had no understanding of time and how things truly worked. I guess what I'm trying to say is people have these perceptions of what we should be like and be doing by a certain point in our lives, but maybe we add to them too. We shouldn't put more pressure on ourselves instead we should be proud of who we are and where we are in life and that even if it's not perfect (which nobodies life is) we know that things will happen and will go where we want in the end.

Things change and life changes and throws you in different directions and thats okay. It's life and that's how it should be. It's not easy and nor should it be. It is those difficult times that shape us and make us who we are and make us stronger for the future.
Sometimes I think we need reminding of this.
I know I do.

These quotes are a great reminder of that and are a great way to keep you focused on the positive. As that is what we should always be focused on.

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