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Sunday Summary - Wedding

A lot has been going on at the moment and some exciting decisions have been made. Ian and I got engaged last Christmas.  
When asked when and where we told everyone we wanted to get married abroad in 2016. Due to that it meant we couldn't make any concrete plans and when looking into we began to worry we wouldn't be able to afford it. 
We've been together nearly 5 years which is both a long and short amount of time. We feel like we've known each other forever and just know all we want is to be married. 
We are very much of the mind that a wedding doesn't need to cost that much. So we sat down and talked about what was important and that is family. This meant we were open to get married anywhere. 
Last weekend Ian and I went and looked at a place. Before we even got out the car we felt so excited and like we knew it was the place. On going in we fell in love with it and knew we wanted to get married their. 
We loved it so much we've set a date. We are getting married in May and we're both so excited. It does however mean we have less than 6 months to go and we have lots to do.
So here's where the fun really starts.

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