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A Little Update

A lot of things have been going on over here the last few months. Of course Ian and I have set a date for our wedding so it's all go on that front. 
Away from that though I have been a bit up and down in the last few jobs I've had.
My contract ended in July for the job I had been doing, which left me not knowing what I was going to do. I joined an agency, which has been good as I worked in a variety of schools. It's just that these schools haven't felt quite right, which has left me feeling a bit disheartened and lost.
I just want a job that is permanent, that uses my creative and that I enjoy. A bit of stability would be nice.
Things were looking up last week when I thought I'd gotten a great job, which I was excited to start. However, when starting on Monday they had decided to change what my role was, which was the opposite to what I'd applied for. So now it feels like I'm back to square one.
It has left me with having Christmas off, which is kind of nice. I'm choosing to look at it positively and as you'll know from previous posts I believe things happen for a reason. So for me I'm trying to see it as I'm meant to relax over Christmas and I'll get a job in the New Year.

It'll give me time to focus on blogging and spending time with my family. 
You may have noticed some wedding posts starting to appear on here, but don't think I'm not posting my normal posts. I thought it would be nice to share parts of planning, decisions and the journey itself. After all I post about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and it does incorporate all of those. 
I hope you enjoy reading and seeing my inspiration and decisions. 

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